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Celtic Resurgence

or Reconstruction

or Revival

or Restoration

(take your pick!)
What is this "CR" stuff?
There is a movement afoot to scrupulously research the beliefs, pratices and culture of the Ancient Celts - particularly the Scots and Irish - in order to revive and recalim those pratices that were lost that now seem valuable or better than more modern pratices or cultural choices.
This movement runs in tandem or parallel to the movements of indigineous peoples world wide that seek to find and value those cultural aspects of traditional cultures that have been lost in Western society but that now, in the light of modern ecological, social and spiritual crises, seem valuable and wise.
By pursuing an examination of Ancient Celtic pratices, and Ancient Irish in particular, I do not mean to imply that I think the Irish are now or were ever more "primitive", "barbaric", or "backward" than any other people or culture in Europe. I do believe, however, that Celtic culture, and Irish Culture, in particular, maintained and preserved some valuable aspects of what was the indigenous European culture longer than most other peoples or nations in the West. Such pratices as a more equal status for women, rulership not based on primogenetor (ie. the first born son did not necessarily automatically become king after his father), an emphasis on TRUTH as a spiritual principal and a more open society no longer seem "barbaric". At least not to me!

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