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A Forager's Life

How the Remote got in the Dish Drain Or
One Forager's Experiences in the "Modern" World

Pausing the video on the Diagnosis of Attention Defficit Disorder in Adults, I ran to the other end of the house, "Molly, I've just had the most neat thought!"  Sighing she turned from the e-mail she was writing long enough to listen to my latest. One of our dogs responded to my enthusiasim by jumping up to lick my face, I caught her front paws in my arms and started to play with her while I finished telling my thoughts to Molly.  On the way back to the living room, I noticed that the dogs water bowl was empty.  I filled it in the sink, then got some treats out and put the dog through her paces.  Then I noticed that I hadn't finished drinking my coffee from this morning, but the dregs left in my cup were cold.  I decided to make a fresh pot, but had only put the water in the coffee maker when our other dog started making a strange sound.  I went to investigate.  She was just scratching, but I noticed that my "most important" papers stacked on the stairs were about to fall over, so I straightened them, seeing the letter from a friend that I had forgotten to read.  As I pulled the letter out of the envalope, I noticed that the TV was making a funny sound.  Going to the living room, I realized that the video I had been watching had timed out and the VCR had switched to static to save the video tape from wear (at least that's what I'm told).  I really wanted to watch the rest of the informative video so I reached for the remote to turn it back on, figuring I could read the letter in the slow parts, but I could not find the remote anywhere.  I looked under the cushions, behind the sofa, on top of the TV. It was nowhere.  Finally I turned the VCR back on at the console and sat down to watch the rest of the video.  Then Molly came in, and said "I thought you were making coffee?"

The remote was found the next day in the dish drain.

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