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This is a version of the Tortoise and the Hare that I prefer:

Note it has been revised to reflect the life reality of those with ADD/Hunter/Forager brains who will just never be turtles or ants or Farmers!

The tortoise and the hare were in a race. The starging gun went off and they started. The hare tore off charging away in a flury of speed. The turtle slowly stepped across the starting line and chugged toward the finish line.

The hare raced this way and that, flying past the plodding turtle until the poor rabbit was tuckered out. The hare lay down for a quick nap, while the tortoise churned on in an inevitable march toward the finish line. The hare woke from the nap and charged this way and that, having a great time and seeing lots of butterflys and other neat stuff. The tortoise kept plodding along, never loosing sight of the finish line.

The hare by this time had forgotton all about the race, the finish line, and even the tortoise, except when tripping over the poor turtle while hurtling past. The hare headed off for another county where it was said there was a much better race with better prizes.

The tortoise never waivered from pursuit of the finish line and finally got there through dint of consistant effort consistantly applied. He promptly fell into a soup pot and was eaten for dinner.

Which race would you rather win?

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