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Hints on how to Quickly

Modify Traditional Carols

to express a secular

or Pagan sentiment

(useful for those times you find yourself stuck in a store where you can't get away!)

Note: these are just playful suggestions, some that I've found useful, they may tend to reflect my particular theological (or social) bias so (obviously) feel free to use the ones you like and ignore the rest!

Also: you will note that I have not capitalized the traditional words (many of which are traditionally capitalized) but I have capitalized many of the words in the right hand-column.  I mean no disrespect by this: it's an object lesson in political correctness - christians don't capitalize MY words so I feel no compulsion to capitalize theirs.  The christian words do not refer to deities I venerate - I mean them no disrespect, but do not feel I need to give them undue respect either.

Quick Word Substitutes
christmas Yuletide


angel Ancient
god Gods


heaven Hearth



Deo Dea
christmas tree Evergreen

Solstice tree

lord sun
lord jesus Earth Goddess
king King



virgin maiden
snow cold
sing/king drum/sun


gentlemen gentle folk
him Her
in excelsis


spring is on

it's way(-o)

Bethlehem (up)on the Earth
christian (men) Pagan (folk)

Gentle (folk)

gentlemen Gentle-folk
you get the gen eral idea!

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